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Warranty and Policies


GARDENING GRACES LLC guarantees trees, shrubs and vines exclusively. The guarantee applies through construction and for a period of one year after the date of installation. Exceptions: Homeowner neglect, abuse or damage by others, including animals and unusual phenomena or incidents which are beyond the control of GARDENING GRACES LLC. The warranty shall not include damage or loss of trees, shrubs or vines caused by fires, floods, freezing rains, drought, lightning storms or damaging winds, winter kills caused by extreme cold and severe winter conditions not typical of planting area. We cannot be held responsible for damage done by rodents, pets, deer, rabbits or other such factors beyond our control.

In the case of existing weak or neglected plantings that we are attempting to restore, or plants that we transplant, it is the client's understanding that these efforts are not always successful, but that GARDENING GRACES will apply all our knowledge, skill and expertise to help restore the plant.  GARDENING GRACES will  do our utmost in applying our plant abilities to help these plantings survive and hopefully thrive. It is understood that plants do fail and that nothing lives forever. There is therefore no implied guarantee for plants in restoration or plants that have been transplanted.

We also ask that you notify us as to where your underground sprinkler systems, cable and phone lines and invisible pet fences are so we can do our best to avoid these shallowly buried lines. We are not responsible for damage done to such lines, but will do our best to keep from disturbing them. MISS DIG must be called whenever larger holes need to be dug so we have reasonable assurance as to the location of existing electric, gas, phone and water lines.

Deposits and Down Payments

  • Landscape Design - A $200 down payment will be required before design work is undertaken.
  • Landscape Design & Installation - A deposit for one-half of the estimated job price is required before installation to cover initial material purchases necessary for the job. The balance is due upon receipt of the final bill.
  • Garden Design - $75 down payment before design work begins.
  • Billing - All jobs are invoiced upon completion. Payments are due UPON RECEIPT. Please notify if you prefer credit card or cash payment.

Consultation Fees

CONSULTATION CREDIT - An $95 fee covers private consultations on garden and landscape related matters at your home or place of business. Fee covers initial consultation and future hours are prorated based on customer needs. Consultations generally last an hour to an hour and a half. Please call 734 482-8230

A Word on Garden and Plant Care for You and for Us

Watering is probably the most essential key to the successful establishment and health of your newly planted flowers and shrubs. Property owners should be careful to monitor plants to make sure they have sufficient moisture, especially when rain is scarce and temperatures soar. Avoid wetting leaves as much as possible and aim for the roots with a slower, gentler watering. Containers usually need more frequent and often daily watering and must be checked regularly.

Fertilizing will be "as natural as possible" through the use of mostly slow-release, organic foliar or granular products.  Feeding and pruning are done according to individual plant needs and requirements. We will test soil ph and nutrient content upon request and make adjustments based on test results as necessary. We believe in giving plants the best possible start and often provide a root stimulator when planting or transplanting. When planting pots and containers, we may add special polymers to provide better water retention and keep them from drying out as quickly. Finally, slow-release fertilizer is sometimes added to soil mixes so as to provide nutrients during the entire growing season. We practice soil amending with compost, peat, etc., as necessary, believing that excellent preparation increases the likelihood that the plantings will be healthy and robust both at planting and for years to come. The up-front costs pay dividends now and into the future.

Customer Service

Through highly personalized contact, I, as GARDENING GRACES, will do my best to satisfy you. However, if for some reason you are unhappy or if there is ever a concern on your part, please speak to me personally or send your input to the link below. I urge you to communicate regularly with me so that I can be given the opportunity to serve you better.   (734) 482-8230   or  Contact Us

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