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Yellow and White Flowers

March 2020

Gardening Graces Newsletter

Greetings from Lock Down Everyone

How are you all?

I am ok. Being a pretty extroverted soul who has never yet been known to have my 'fun' quotient maxed out, it may be concerning when heading to Meijer, the gas station, and the drive-through bank becomes one's social highlight of the week.

And in my lonely desperation
I find myself
exercising my comedian chops wandering around the house telling jokes out loud---- and breaking out laughing. I even retell humorous events from my past to my imaginary audience, which also rewards me with laughter, surely wondering to themselves how anyone could have had such a humorous past.

Is this normal?!! Could I really be hearing the sound of some fun crazed prisoner who has broken the six-foot barrier daring to partake in my irresistible humor?!! Or maybe I might be going a little nutty which could be a consequence of being locked down for weeks on end with no outlet, no audience for this too long suppressed humor. So guess what? Wittingly or not, you have become my audience! Yes!!! Finally!

I thank you.

Last month I wrote the following optimistic look ahead to spring.......

"I'll bet we can all agree how
wonderful spring
is and how we will celebrate its arrival. I almost want to throw it a party on these days....."

That's why this

Flowers In Garden

looks so, so good!!!

Party anyone?

I'll tell the jokes. :-)

Can't get enough?
You also may be interested in a thought-provoking and, at times, humorous piece on 'Safety First' in the 
Quick Link box on the left featuring a man known for his humor and many other talents, Mike Rowe.

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Yes, Flowers Do Bloom Outdoors in Michigan in February and March.

I am updating from last month that my Hellebores featured in that newsletter is shown as it looks today.
And I want to report that the Witchhazel also featured is still blooming as we head into April, even brighter than before! 

This is Hellebores one month later. It grows by my pond, blooms white with rose tinges is evergreen, and always shows up in February and March. Delightful!

Witch Hazel Tree

Next, we come to the regularly featured Witchhazel, often showing up in the winter issue. How can I not? Look at this little tree doing its best to cheer me up and make me remember that winter can be celebrated too and that there will be life after lockdown.



Future Food

These seedlings are so young they are almost pre-natal. :-) Can you tell what they are? They will grow good stuff in the garden — post-panic.
(Answers follow in the closing block.)

Seedlings 1

Seedlings 2

Seedlings 3

Barb's House

From my house to yours, everyone, I wish you, by the grace of God, the best life and the best spring ever!!!

No longer winter with spring beckoning at the door, my seedlings featured in the block above, prepare for their future as food. Did you make a guess?

In order, they are:
Long red sweet Peppers, Golden Cauliflower and Buttercrunch Lettuce. They are some of my favorites! I take the trouble to start them indoors because I can't find these, somewhat less common, delectable delights in the nurseries ready to plant.

Thank you for taking the time again to read the latest newsletter. And I so gratefully thank ALL of you again who have invited us into your yards and your lives all these years.
I am forever grateful.

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